Only One Sane Answer

Ever hear the lie that “nobody wants to take your guns”? Well, for anyone who says that, calmly refer them to this Guns Saves Lives article from last year and this one from David L. Burkhead.  The first one has some dead Youtube links, but the descriptions remain. The second one is updated whenever someone for ‘reasonableguncommonsafetysense’ lets the cat out of the bag.

Sometimes the only sane answer to a request to start dialogue or have a conversation about guns is, “No!” For the past 100+ years, every single time we have agreed to compromise on guns, it has meant that the enemies of liberty will agree to take just a wee bit less of our liberty than they originally intended.  This time.

No.  I do not want to have a conversation about guns.  I only want to threaten legislators with the loss of their seats if they dare infringe any further on the right to keep and bear arms.  I will also remind them that if they should not heed my warning, then I, along with vast numbers of others, will defy their new orders thereby destroying their legitimacy in the process (“just powers” come from the “consent of the government” — if I have to cite the source, we have other problems).  As has been done in both Connecticut and New York.

If the “90% of gun owners are in favor of universal background checks” claim were not a lie, their side would not be requesting a “dialogue”.   They would be drafting laws that would pass with barely any resistance.   No.   We do not need to engage them.  We only need to smack them down in the legislatures.   We need to send them home to weep that they are the tiniest of tiny minorities

Say it loudly, and say it often.  No.  They need to convince us.  And they won’t ever convince us.  There is no cost to us to cut off conversations early and just say, “No!”  Tell them to go away and cry themselves to sleep that they are one of a tiny, tiny minority, with nothing to offer a free people other than to put them in chains.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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  1. Complete and total lie – spot on with this post! Just trying to get in touch – please send me an email when you get this comment, thanks!

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