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More Than Two Guys with Typewriters

Woodward and Bernstein would be lost in the masses, today. Thanks to two guys with computers and a vast army of noisemakers, the corrupt, murderous tyrants such as Eric Holder can no longer get away with that murder so easily. This war is long from over. Even if this progresses all the way to Eric Holder in handcuffs, I strongly suspect there will be an unconditional pardon waiting for him.

As far as Obama is concerned, impeachment is too good for him. What would be better is to see someone come out in fear after this Contempt of Congress vote and spill all the beans, naming names. Hey, I can dream, can’t I? As Mike said today, whodathunk we’d get this far.

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Mike.

A Suggestion for a Gunwalker Etymology

Found on Facebook:

Ever since the infamous Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration, it seems every new scandal gets the dishonor of the -gate suffix. Climategate, Filegate, Nipplegate, to name just a few. Find a much longer list here.

The -walker suffix may be appropriate for future murderous scandals. And if Holder and Obama walk out of this unscathed, the prefix maybe even more appropriate, and I’d also expect that wannabe petty tyrants will transform into bolder, truly murderous tyrants.

What say you?

Boeher Hypocrisy: Aborted For Being Female vs. Killed for Being Mexican in Service of Victim Disarmament

While I admit that this is a politically strategic move, forcing the abortion-for-any-reason lobby to show their true colors, it does beg the question: Isn’t obstructing an effort to hold a demonstrated anti-Mexican racist — one who doesn’t care one whit about the hundreds of innocent victims south of the border that his schemes to undermine peaceable citizens’ human right to keep and bear arms have killed — also make you complicit in this racism?

Come on, Boehner. Have your vote and wipe the tears for the victims of sex-selected abortions from your face and stand up for the victims of Eric Holder and, ultimately Barack Obama. Before the election in November, you wimp.

Echoes of Fast and Furious from 25 Years Ago

I just finished watching the entire mini-series called Amerika that aired on ABC 25 years ago. You can find the trailer here and the link to the first of 13 episodes on the right. After each episode, the link to the next one will be on the right, as well. I highly recommend watching it if you’ve never seen it, or if it’s been so long that you’ve forgotten many of the details. It’s remarkable how many of the characters easily map to real people I see today. Be ready to be roused to get prepared, and prepared FAST. It may be fiction, but it’s frightening that there are real people who think like the villains in the series.

There were two scenes that stuck in my mind, one of which I may cover later. But here’s what I transcribed from a scene where Colonel Andrei Denisov (played by Sam Neill) and First Lady of Heartland (formed from five central states, including Nebraska) are discussing an attack by Soviet troops on exiles/refugees in her home town of Milford:

pb – Governor General Peter Bradford (Robert Urich)
ab – First Lady Amanda Bradford (Cindy Pickett)
ad – Colonel Andrei Denisov (Sam Neill)

pb: Ah, colonel.
ad: Peter.
pb: Colonel Denisov, this is my wife, Amanda.
ad: Mrs. Bradford, what a pleasure to see you. I am sorry about the trouble
you had in Milford.
ab: I was very impressed with how quickly you…you could help. I wondered
about that.
ad: Well, soon your husband will be able to accomplish much the same thing.
ab: Forgive me for asking, but…If you had the power to stop what was going
on, how did it happen in the first place?
pb: Amanda.
ad: No, no, no, it’s a fair question. I guess you could say that there are…
there are some things that are set in motion in such a general way, that
one has little control over the specifics…until something arises which
can be dealt with.
ab: So power, when it’s responsible for creating the circumstances for evil
is no one’s fault. While power when it’s exercised against that same
evil is to someone’s credit.
ad: As Peter takes responsibility for the entire area, the less ability he
will have to deal with some specific things that may be important to
someone else.
ab: I hope he can use that power for good.
ad: Power for good, exists only with power. And power is not easy and
it’s not always clear. And it is never cheap.

Colonel Denisov sounds a lot like Eric Holder, to me. He was not at all aware of the specifics, he claims, but, hey, look at me, I’m cleaning house, and you should be praising me for all the good work I’m doing.

Eric Holder is violating the rule of law and rubbing it in the faces of, up to this point, feckless, Congressmen. As Bob Owens said, he needs to be held in contempt of Congress, impeached, and face felony charges for what he has done. And follow that up with same for Obama.

$40 Should Buy About 160rds, I Believe

Regarding this, here’s my response:

Much like Davd Codrea of the National Gun Rights Examiner, I could buy some 7.62×39 mm FMJ Ammo to go with an AK-type rifle just like the ones your Justice Department allowed to be walked into Mexico.

Yup, it’s no game. And we WILL get to the bottom of it, stonewalling and damn lies from your administration notwithstanding.

Not that $40 matters, though. This is the proverbial finger in the Dike.

Obama and his minions want to put a bandaid on this, while the GOP wants to put a large gauze pad on it. All while what’s needed is a resurrection. Of principles. The current regime has none.

Government Without Effective Oversight an Invitation to Tyranny

So Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) wants to make the claim that it’s convention for junior staff to write memos to the AG that he’ll never read.

Let’s take him at his word. There’s no way one man can read everything that comes across his desk. And even if he does, he might only skim it.

So what is Whitehouse suggesting? Maybe that government is just do flippin’ big? I doubt he’s suggesting that, but it’s a fair question.

Any government institution that is so big that it cannot be effectively overseen by one man appointed by the president and answerable to the president, Congress, and the American people, is, by definition, to big.

I posit that it is pretty much guaranteed that a government too big to oversee is a government on the path to tyranny.

Smoking Guns

Wow, just wow.

Q: What do the FN57 pistol, AK-47 pattern rifle (WASR-10, specifically), Draco pistol (also an AK pattern), AR-15, and 50BMG rifle all have in common, other than the fact they are all firearms?

A: They are all among the most hated by subversive, liberty-stealing, anti-freedom, bigots AND also the most common ones purchased under the 0bama administration’s vile Watergate-esque-with-dead-bodies scandal AND mostly not that desired by the cartels.

Bob Owen’s hits another homer.

Article here.

h/t Mike