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“…the two policemen were not at fault”

Read here. Yes, Chief Billy Weeks. Yes, yes, officers Shedran and Day were at a fault. The moment they put on those uniforms and picked up those guns and descended on the Adams’ home to perform a “Drug Raid.”

Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night. They intended to raid the home next door.

Hold on a second here, you lying POS. In one breath, it’s the fault of a drug informant for giving faulty information. In the next, if the reporter is getting it right, you intended to raid the home next door. So which is it? Did you raid the house the informant told you about, which turned out to be incorrect? Or did he give you the correct information, but you got the wrong house? And what’s this with trusting informants without question and without verification? This is how swatting happens and it is entirely the fault of the SWAT team itself if an innocent person gets killed in those situations (but, yes, the person who falsely reported the crime should be prosecuted as well).

Ironwill III is exactly right. I don’t care if he used a bazooka. It was justified. The thugs with guns and badges were the aggressors.

Until the militarization of police departments is reversed and they start actually following the Peelian Principles, they are setting themselves up as enemies of the people.

Put down the select fire rifles, park the Bearcats, and stop treating this as a war zone. Collateral damage due to your mistakes is NOT acceptable. Go read one former cop’s take on that.

I’d rather take my chances with violent drug dealers, gang bangers, and common criminals whom I’ll be exonerated for killing in self defense (and may have a better chance of succeeding due to their lack of SWAT training), rather than killers of the wrong people due to mistakes with state sanction, to boot.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends

Update:Kudos to the widow: “”They need to get rid of those men, boys with toys,” said Adams’ 70-year-old widow, Loraine.”

h/t: Resister in the Rockies via WRSA

Open Carry Chronicles, Issue #11

2012/09/18: Both Knitebane and I were carrying openly at Golden Corral in Garner and as soon as we paid and started heading to the dining room area, we were addressed by an employee who said (light-heartedly) that there were cameras that would be keeping an eye on us. He wished us a good visit and went on his away.

Note that this is an exemplary way for an employee of an establishment to address someone carrying a gun if addressed about the gun at all. We were approached and addressed in a friendly manner. He was essentially checking us out. Though, once again, criminals don’t typically carry their guns openly in $50 – 100 holsters, but rather in their hands, hoodies or clumsily stuffed in their waistbands, most certainly if you address a criminal about his gun (even indirectly as was done in this case), they are not going to be all that comfortable about it. Might even shoot you. It’s possible he was putting us on notice, but by merely addressing us openly he set his own mind at ease that we weren’t there to cause trouble. He wasn’t rude and he didn’t kick us out. Good on him.

Later that night, we were discussing OC holsters and my slight frustration in not finding that one, silver bullet holster for carrying both openly and concealed. An excellent point that PDB made in the beginning of his OC holster review is this:

…keep in mind that a mechanical lock is no substitute for remaining aware of your surroundings and being mentally and physically prepared to fight for your gun. A locking holster will not on its own defeat a gun takeaway attempt, but rather buy you some time to defeat the person trying to take your gun away.

Like many, I used to carry my gun in a Serpa holster. I no longer use the Serpa, but not due to the sometimes scathing criticism it gets for increasing the risk of an ND. I think it is a training issue that is far overblown, as even Mr. Grebner here acknowledges (language warning):

As he explains in the original video here:

This was due largely to the fact that he had just gotten through training with the 5.11 Thumbdrive holster with his Glock. If the Serpa is all you use and train with, then the risk reduces to the noise level, in my opinion. However, it’s certainly not for everyone. Particularly if you, for example, are reviewing several holsters to write about them as PDB is right now.

All that said, Brigid’s lockup experience a few years back as well as lots of other documented cases have convinced me not to use the holster for carrying any longer. In fact, even if I thought the risk of shooting myself while using the holster was greater, these occurrences of lockup, to me are an even greater risk. As I said in Stay Dangerous, a better way to see off a soldier than “Be Careful” is “Good Hunting.” That’s not to say that we throw safety out the window, and, sure, I know we are not at war. Yet. But it is just an acknowledgement that life is dangerous. Liberty is fraught with risks. It’s all about tradeoffs. I don’t mind a relatively insignificant (in my opinion) and relatively easy to mitigate risk of an ND. But I do mind a well documented risk of my defensive weapon being completely disabled with no way to mitigate it, as was demonstrated in Brigid’s case (i.e.: there was no conclusion as to what actually caused the lockup).

On the OC holster issue, I’ll be reading PDB’s review series, but the bottom line for me is that when you take these three things into account:

  • PDB’s statement about equipment not being a substitute for situational awareness and mental and physical preparedness,
  • Brigid’s comment in the post referenced above that “Anything mechanical can fail”,
  • and the Good Hunting / Survival mentality as opposed to Be Careful mentality

I’m beginning to believe that active retention is not an absolute necessity for carrying openly. I’ll remain open to persuasion, but for now, I just may be switching back to my Blackhawk CQC holster for carrying openly.

In the practical sense, if you conceal with an OWB, then your concealment garment will slow down your draw. With IWB, it can be even more of an impediment because it’s often a tighter gripping holster so the simple act of pulling it out of the holster is slower. Carrying openly in an active retention holster means you have to release the retention before drawing, also slowing down your draw. So it’s hard to argue that any option is less of an impediment to a fast draw than carrying openly with only passive retention, with heightened situational awareness and preparedness.

Besides, I don’t just carry openly for practical defensive reasons. I also carry for political activism reasons. And I really don’t care what Pincus or Yeager think of that. I go by the positive results I’ve had in that area, not by the opinion of some tacticool instructors with big egos or a penchant for putting cameramen literally in the line of fire unnecessarily and then doubling down on stupid and defending it. I am not your ambassador and will not be until you send me a fat honkin’ check every month for my services.

Others are welcome to comment.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends

“Confronting Evil Can Lead to Violence” – Andrew Klavan

I found this on a serendipity search:

It’s over a year old, but oh so relevant with what’s going on in the Middle East. Yup, and guess what. This is the problem with being opposed to “violence” without any qualifiers. There is immoral violence and there is moral violence. Violence in defense of the non-aggressor is moral. Violence by an aggressor is immoral.

We should endeavor to be the most existential threat on Earth to every criminal, thug, tyrant, whether official or freelance like those who follow a certain death cult ideology.

It’s what I mean, when I sign my messages:

Stay Dangerous, My Friends

Project “Assaulted” — PLEASE Pick Up the Pace

I just did a little math on the Kickstarter contributions to the Assaulted project mentioned in my previous post and though the trend is headed in the right direction, we need to pick up the pace.

From September 5 – September 15 (yesterday), the total contributions were about $11,600 or about 1,160 per day. Between yesterday and today, the contribution total went from 11,600 to 13,000, or a about a 1,400 jump in one day. Nice to see a jump, however, in order to meet the goal of 65,000, the average daily contribution needs to about double to 2,800 per day.

Please, if you, like me, think this is a worthy project contribute what you can and, more importantly, spread this wide and far.

h/t: David

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

A Project Worthy of Gun Owners’ Support

David puts out the call to support another Kickstarter supported project on the attack on gun rights originating in California and threatening to spread through the rest of the country.

A previous project to make a film documenting the Fast and Furious fiasco had a rather high dollar goal, higher than any I’ve seen on Kickstarter and never met the goal. Still, it was a shame to see how few supported the project.

Here’s our chance, again. This time, if the goal isn’t achieved, then I don’t have much hope for the future of freedom in this country. Please, lend what support you can.

And spread the word, too.

Never Forget. Never Submit. Honor the Dead, With 19 Exceptions

Near the start of my day, this 11th anniversary of the attacks by amoeba-brained faithful followers of Islam on this nation’s sovereign soil at the NYC World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and another unknown target that was heroically stopped by passengers of United Flight 93, I caught a Facebook post with a link to this drivel from our illustrious governor, Dumplin’ herself.

My response on Facebook, was this:

This is NOT a fricken day of service. So stick it, Bevvie. This [is] a time for a memorial to the victims of this attack by Islamic jihadists on this sovereign land. A time for prayer and contemplation. — And tomorrow is a time for reloading.

I’ll add that we also honor those who have given their lives serving the country in the military.

Much of what I said last year at this time applies this year, too. So, I’m going to post an updated version of it here as a reminder: I WILL NOT SUBMIT.

[Updated version of last year’s post begins here.]

Today, even if I just have to fry up a single slice of bacon, I will commemorate this day by eating pork. Unfortunately, I won’t get to go shooting today, as I am attending a CPR class tonight. But I will be haughtily Waving delicious pork and other meats in the face of America’s enemies, nonetheless.

In honor of those who died on that day, with the noted exception of the 19 backward scum who hijacked the planes, I do celebrate the freedoms we have — while we still have them, at least — and a emphatically assert that we will not be defeated. We will not be intimidated. And the sensitivities of those who share the ideology of those who committed those atrocities ten years ago today are not something with which we will ever concern ourselves. I will eat pork, as well, to celebrate that right while we still fend off any all attempts to impose sharia law anywhere in this country.

The title of last years post, “I Will Not Be Intimidated” comes from a thought I had four years ago after returning from a mission trip to Venezuela. On that trip, we had a four hour bus ride from the airport in Maracaibo to a chalet in the mountains in La Puerta.

We wound up running into an unexpected checkpoint, and while the leader of our group was outside the bus explaining what our purpose was, one of Hugo’s thugs got on board and stood at the head of the bus. He, very, very, slowly, scanned ever single passenger on the bus with his eyes and had a smile on his face that, although almost imperceptible, seemed to me to be rather gleeful. I believe he was gleeful that he is in a position of power to intimidate every civilian he encounters. I remember thinking to myself, “give me a break, you two-bit thug.” I don’t remember whether or not this Hugobot was even armed. It’s likely that he was, given the thugocracy we were in.

A short time after we arrived back in the states, I told this story, (including my thoughts during the experience), to a liberty-loving relative of mine and he rather seriously said, “Yeah, but if anybody was suspicious looking or defiant in any way, he would have just killed him.”

I’ve considered that caution since he said it, and the conclusion I’ve come to is, “So? I will not be intimidated.” In Hugoland, I’m sure I would have been killed had I acted too snotty or maybe made the shape of a gun with my finger and pointed it at him. And every situation requires its own analysis regarding when to resist, talk back, or comply. It was simply wise, and rather non-intrusive to comply in that situation and location. I’m am not interested in fighting that battle for Venezuelans. My battle is here.

Last year at this time in the restaurant we went to, I apparently got a serious scowl from some woman customer in the corner. Every new (to me) place I carry is yet another risk that I’m going to run into unfriendly staff or some panty-waist customer will call the police with a man with a gun report, to which our Sheriff’s office will likely and ridiculously respond — and without asking a single question, such as “Is it in his holster? Is he waving it around pointing it at people?” — regardless of the legality of the act.

But I will not be intimidated! And I will continue to carry openly wherever I can, no matter how many scowls I get. Bite me. And trust me, there just aren’t that many scowls.

[For people who are supposedly on our side, but think “bite me” shows I’m too immature to be carrying around openly supposedly being an ambassador for all gun owners, well, bite me. I’ll be your ambassador when you started sending me a big honkin’ check every month. You see, I’m not going to say “bite me” to someone who asks me leave his restaurant. Although I might plagiarize Bubba’s letter to Bonefish, modified appropriately, and send it to them. And I’m not going to say bite me to the lady in the corner who scowls at me. Or to the cop who has to attend to the call — though maybe reluctantly here in Johnston County — reporting a man with a gun. But I do say that if you are supposedly pro-gun, yet you resort to arguments against open carry that are perfectly equivalent to the arguments used by the anti-gunners against carrying (or even owning) guns, then, please, stop helping.]

So that is my logic behind eating pork and regularly carrying guns, openly when possible, on the anniversary of the murderous attacks on September 11, 2001. The pork is intended to offend the sensibilities of those who would force us to convert, be subjugated, or be killed.

And the guns are to say, I WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED.

This is America!

And we will fight you until either there is not a single one of us left, or your unholy book is tossed on a dung heap and there isn’t single soul left who will be willing to carry out its exhortations.

Or, you can keep your book, believe what it says all you want…and back off.

Your choice.

Your move.

Michelle Malkin had a post a year ago today that linked to a 9/11 fifth anniversary post of hers from 2006. So here is my pledge. Lan astaslem. I will not submit.

Via RTC, we will never forget these bottom dwellers. May they be stranded in a field surrounded by hog farms.

Update: Something I meant to include.

I just saw 2016: Obama’s America this past Saturday night. Coincidentally, William Jacobson did as well. And I must say, I agree with William’s assessment regarding the slightly bizarre “anti-colonialism” theory.

Dinesh D’Souza is an odd character. He seems to be a dedicated conservative, but when it comes to theory, usually gets it wrong. Badly. I’m glad that this film came out, now, a couple months before the election for conservatives to drag their undecided friends to. And I don’t think the anti-colonialism theory actually hurts the actual data he presented. His interview with George Obama was quite weird, though. Dinesh seemed to imply that he (Dinesh) believed that Barrack should be helping George out, and yet George seemed to display the actual conservative view that he (George) is an adult and isn’t even asking for Barrack’s help.

D’Souza is no stranger to ill conceived theories. I haven’t read his The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11, but Robert Spencer of, did an excellent smackdown of it when it came out. D’Souza, is apparently, far too accommodating. Even in the case of 2016, you almost get a sense that he wants to emphasize, as he says in the very beginning, that it is the influences of his past that he has carried forward to his present.

We are only tied to our past if we choose to be. Obama is responsible for his views as an adult and not a victim of his upbringing. I often joke that as I read more about the real history of our founding, I am undoing the damage done to me by the public school system. At a certain point in our adult lives we must take responsibility for the views we hold and for the results of those beliefs as we act on them.

And for that, I condemn the 19 Muslims who attacked us on September 11, 2001, and hope that the 72 virgins they are given are men. And the same goes for those who hold the same beliefs and act on them nearly every day across the world.

With All Due Respect, GRNC Gets It Wrong, Re: Johnston County Commissioner Devan Barbour

GRNC put out an alert, yesterday, updating members on the results of the meeting I described two days ago here. GRNC seems to think we should thank Devan Barbour for proposing the removal of the portion of the ordinance mentioning firearms. I have to respectfully disagree. The decision had already been made. Word is that one of the commissioners even called into the Morning Rush on WRDU to talk about the ordinance and said that they did decide to remove the firearms portion. Having Devan Barbour, the only one up for re-election, propose removing that section during the meeting was a cynical move to try to placate gun owners so that we would go away.

As I said a year and half ago:

And just so you understand where we stand in this negotiation, let me say this. We have come here because, metaphorically speaking, someone has threatened to cut off our right leg. We have to wonder if the hope was that we would settle for, oh, say, just giving up our left foot. Let me straighten out this potential misperception. We were threatened, metaphorically speaking, with amputation. Our position is that we are changing the starting point of this negotiation. We’ve come, metaphorically speaking, for both legs of those who are proposing this ordinance. And our hope is that everyone leaves with all of their limbs in tact. Metaphorically.

The same applies this time. And as I shouted out during one absurd comment from Attorney David Mills that this was “not about guns,” “Do you think we are stupid?!”

This alert was posted to the NC Gun Owners forum. My response, copied here for convenience:

As has been discussed here, I think, but definitely elsewhere, we owe no such thanks at all to Devan Barbour. He voted in lock step with the other five present commissioners in August on the unmodified ordinance. And the ordinance that passed is still egregious as it is still far too vague and will likely snare residents safely shooting on their own property. What’s ‘unreasonably loud’ for a gunshot? To a d*mn-yankee (I is one, but an *assimilated* one) who is anti-gun, *any* gunshot is unreasonably loud, because, gosh darn it, he shouldn’t be shootin’ guns on his property! It’s scares him due to his lack of familiarity with *American* tradition. And that’s what this is about. These complainers (regardless of what you think of Whitlock) would complain if Whitlock had safe bullet containment and used a suppressor (which, of course, is an extra $500+ for a trust, since our illustrious Sheriff refuses to sign off on the required ATF form). This entire ordinance should have been nixed, period. Barbour made his proposal because he is up for re-election.

It boggles my mind that Mills had the audacity to suggest that there were only a few narrow types of shooting (self-defense, varmint dispatching, etc.) that are covered by the 2nd Amendment. Who the h*ll does he think he is? What makes anyone think that making marksmanship training harder for those who don’t have the money join a range and travel to a range on a regular basis isn’t a violation of the 2nd Amendment. And I don’t even hear any gun rights groups harping on that. It’s not only an infringement, it’s just plain dumb to acknowledge the right to keep and bear arms, but make it potentially criminal to practice without spending a lot of money. It’s a city-boy mentality that thinks you just buy a gun, throw it in your closet or sock drawer and not use it for target practice in your safe, private, backyard range, but only for self defense or varmint dispatching. Where is Mills from, anyhow? Did he grow up in JoCo, or is he from some big city? I’m bettin’ the later. It would also be interesting to see if any remuneration he gets comes from Bloomy’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, like the staff member in the Mayor’s office in Orlando, FL.

The only real victory we had here, and it is a significant one, is that we got their attention, and if my perception was correct, Barbour, Mims, and Attorney Mills all had tremors in their voices. We scared them, I think. And that is a good and valuable thing. Evidence of a properly functioning government. Almost, anyhow, as they still display stark arrogance (particularly Mims and Mills).

Now, we need to keep the pressure on and a few JoCo gun owners need to attend, EVERY SINGLE MEETING, maybe taking the open comments period at the beginning to propose repealing the noise ordinance altogether. Let them know we are watching them closely. We need to go on the offensive, here, because what do you think will happen when this almost-bill-of-attainder doesn’t work and they can’t get Whitlock to stop under the ordinance? They will come back for more. *Unless* we are constantly badgering them in the other direction. Otherwise we are in react mode which is always imperfect, as we can see from this result.

And in 2014, give them a re-election battle they’ll never forget. We need a plan to have as many people as possible run against them. I don’t know what it takes, but surely we’ve got people on this forum and elsewhere who could help with that.

And now there is word from an anonymous source within the county government that JoCoBoCo “have talked with the community college about forming a public shooting range to ward off the drama that is now before us.” Well, I have a message for the Board: too little, too late. Oh, and the drama? You brought this on yourselves. You think this will make us go away and leave you alone to rule over us the way you see fit? You’ve got another thing coming.

As Knitebane says the response we are now getting wind of is exactly what we should be seeing. The commissioners should be trembling in their boots whenever they even think about mentioning firearm rules.

Elsewhere, I added:

Right now, they need to be babysat. I suggest several of us go to the October meeting with, as a starter issue, a proposal to move all Board of Commissioners and other public board meetings (such as the planning board) to a location where carrying a concealed handgun is not prohibited and/or a proposal to repeal the ban on carrying concealed handguns in county buildings *and* a prohibition on any county agency from instituting their own ban.

If we get the predictable reaction of arrogance from Mims and company, we remind them that this will affect the decisions of many Johnston County citizens on November 6th.

To the Johnston County Board of Commissioners, and Alan Mims and Devan Barbour in particular, I say this: We are not going away. Deal.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

Appleseed RBC, 8/26/2012 – 9/3/2012: Summary and an Application – Johnston County, NC Board of Commissioners

I was a bit worn out after the RBC, so I only stayed for one day of the regular Appleseed event on the weekend. I haven’t yet consistently reproduced my Rifleman score, but it’s just going to be some amount of practice to get better at it.

As I said at the start of the RBC, these boot camps are somewhat geared toward those who wish to become instructors. I haven’t made a decision on that, but I was glad to get an inside look into some of the philosophy of Project Appleseed.

One of the main criticisms I’ve heard of Appleseed is the focus on the use of the sling. One thing that few consider that should anything “happen” in this country, there’s a good chance that many of us will be using equipment that are battlefield pickups. There’s probably a better than 75/25 chance of these rifles having slings. On the other hand, a scope might not be standard equipment on a number of them.

One criticism about the sling, however, is probably valid. It’s not that it’s not covered, it’s just that there is not a lot of emphasis on it. They cover three ways of using the sling in the standing position. There’s the loop, the hasty, and the hasty-hasty. If you are transitioning from standing to prone, or standing to sitting, the loop sling is probably the easiest, since it’s the same in all three positions. However, it can take time to set the sling up for the loop. But in a situation where you must take a quick shot, the hasty makes the most sense. So, though the most critical type of situation you could be in is the need to sling up quickly and take a shot, it’s not the easiest to train for that when you are transitioning. I used the loop sling because that’s easiest for transition, especially when you have the quick-release swivels, but what I should have done is practiced more with the hasty sling. Because in stressful situations, we typically fall back to our training.

In addition to the shooting and the shooting instruction, there is also the American heritage that they cover, however briefly, since it is only a week, and only two days for the regular Appleseed shoots. These are rather stark, but inspiring stories of the American Revolution that you might not have been taught in the public schools. I know that I wasn’t, at least. They make a good springboard to do more research yourself. A good start might be David Hackett Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride.

They also tell some Dangerous Old Men stories (though it’s not limited to men, but also includes women). One of those events is the difference made by one of General Daniel Morgan’s Riflemen, Timothy Murphy, who (I think after two ranging shots) took an amazing 300 yard shot that felled British General Simon Fraser, affecting the morale of the regulars under his command, having a significant impact on the outcome of the war.

This and a few other stories were told to drive home the point that, yes, sometimes one person can make a difference. You will never know whether what you do will or will not have that kind of effect. It is for that reason, that we should all, if we value our beleaguered republic, do everything we can to preserve it.

Bringing this right home to my back yard is something I’ve kept quiet about (at least here on this blog) up to this point.

A little over year ago, the Johnston County, NC Board of Commissioners tried to do something about those dastardly gun owners shooting on their own property by banning spitballs. The end result of the Orwellian named Good Neighbor Firearms Ordinance was a convoluted, stupidly worded, and unenforceable attempt to solve a non-problem. Or at least a problem that should have been bounced back to the individuals complaining to take civil action, and submit themselves to some discovery that probably would have revealed little evidence that there was any problem other than that they were scared of gunfire due to not being sufficiently accustomed to American traditions. We’ll never know, now, since they decided to badger complicit statists in the Sheriff’s office and on the Board of Commissioners to impose their hoplophobic wills on the entire county.

Well, a few months ago, the Board started making noises (pardon the pun) that they wanted to make some changes, again. This time, they were going to throw out every single protection for people shooting safely on their own property that we had negotiated a year and a half ago. Despite their protestations, they tried to sneak this one by, hoping that gun owners wouldn’t take notice. They almost succeeded. Well, what they passed is still sufficiently vague that it could snag people shooting safely on their own property, but we got the attention of the Board, that’s for sure.

I said they almost succeeded. But why didn’t they get everything they wanted? It was little bit of luck, but also the actions of one man, a friend of mine, Fran, who contacted me when he saw this article in the local paper indicating that the Board had already taken a non-binding (due to one absence) vote on a noise ordinance that would have effectively banned shooting, despite the dishonest lecturing from county attorney David Mills during the Board meeting last night.

When Fran called me, I was a bit discouraged and wondered if it even mattered if we registered our opposition to this ordinance due to the Board’s distinct lack of respect for the citizens of Johnston County. Alan Mims, the chairman, has made it clear that he doesn’t put any stock in those who cut and paste messages from GNRC alerts and send them. As if simply registering our opposition is not enough. And yet he had the gall to claim that there was a silent majority who were for the Good Neighbor Firearms Ordinance in the last kerfuffle.

I chatted with Knitebane about this and he did some digging. After gathering as much info as he could, he contacted Paul Valone of GRNC and from there it was like a brush fire. Valone was on fire and determined that we needed to stop this or it would spread to other counties like a cancer. This nimbys needed to be stopped. Between Knitebane and two others from GRNC, they did their fact checking and crafted the alert that went out. Eventually, the NRA-ILA picked up the story. There was even a Facebook page that led to a petition that garnered 1,700 signatures which was presented to the Board.

At the meeting last night, Alan Mims, Devan Barbour, and county attorney David Mills repeatedly tried to tell us this wasn’t about guns, but only about unreasonable noise. In other words, they were pissing down our backs and telling us it was raining. They lied. Every damn-yankee immigrant to Johnston County, NC (of which I is one, but an assimilated one) who hates guns would complain about guns being unreasonably loud because, dammit, neighbors shouldn’t be shootin’ guns, cuz it scares them. Every single American* I’ve spoken with about this does not have a problem with gunfire precisely because it is core to the very definition of American Liberty.

Another thing on attorney David Mills. He’s a &^#(@)! (Sorry, had to edit that out due to a mixed reading audience ;-)). How dare he presume to explain to us plebes that this would not infringe on our rights, due to a few extremely limited situations where shooting would not be considered a violation. After all, as he said at least twice, he’s trained to analyze these legal matters. What arrogance for him to assume that a few limited situations are all the right to keep and bear arms encompasses. Do any of these so-called pro-gun politicians ever consider that you’d be an idiot to make it harder for people to engage in target practice? Mims tried to imply that 3000 rounds over the course of a few months was excessive. Most who understand the RKBA would say that that’s some slow shootin’, there. And, no, I am not kidding about that. Why would you not want people to practice good marksmanship? This isn’t just about recreation. This is about continuously keeping up our marksmanship skills. One of the number one priorities of the Appleseed Project, by the way.

As Bubba notes, this story is not over. In his post he lays out one of the biggest problems is the Sheriff’s office. Sheriff Bizzell is one of those butheads. “I’m am all for the second amendment, BUT…,” and you can fill in the blank. Always an exception, the elist knows what’s best for you. He refuses to sign off on NFA forms, which are required by the ATF for the acquisition of machine guns, suppressors, and a few other items restricted by the National Firearms Act of 1934. So many other things are required by law to have mufflers, but, yet, our government(s) make in damn near impossible to shoot without making noise.

If our Sheriff, the Commissioners, and their subversive attorney were really not anti-gun, a) the Sheriff would sign off on anyone eligible to get suppressors, and lobby the NC Sheriff’s Association to, in turn, lobby our state legislators and our US Representatives and Senators to make it easier for anyone to get them and b) the Commissioners would either change the venue of their meetings to a place where we can carry our guns, or repeal the ordinance that prohibits carry in county buildings. But they’re nimbys. I.e.: fakers. The gig is up, though, and we’ve got their number. Devan Barbour is up for re-election and he’s the one who proposed striking the section specifically mentioning firearms. Gee, I wonder why.

All three who spoke, Alan Mims, David Mills, and Devan Barbour had very distinct tremors in their voices. As you can sorta see from Bubba’s pictures, there were probably three hundred of us overflowing the meeting room. Between that, the national attention, the petition, the email, the phone calls, the GRNC and NRA involvement, I think we scared them. As well they should be scared. The more, the better. That’s one indication of a properly functioning government:

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” — Thomas Jefferson

Government officials do not fear the people, enough. If we are to agree with Mr. Jefferson, that needs to change.

The Johnston County, NC Board of Commissioners is now on notice. We will be watching you. There is a plan afoot to keep much closer tabs on any tyranny you may try to impose on us in the future. And watch out in 2014. A sea change is what you might see. We’re all-in for some house cleaning.

So if wasn’t for my friend Fran contacting me, and then me chatting with Knitebane, Knitebane involving GRNC, and the NRA-ILA chiming in, and Dustin Holloman starting the petition, this might have been snuck by unnoticed. One man likely started this brush fire. Thanks, Fran!

Stay Dangerous, My Friends

*By American, I, of course, mean what I describe at the end of this post.

Update: Fixed a few spelling errors. Sorry, Knitebane. šŸ˜‰

Update 2: Wow, not 17,000 signatures. That would have been awesome. Still 1,700 is pretty dang good. Corrected.

Appleseed RBC, 8/26/2012 – 9/3/2012: Day 6

We spent the morning having the IITs do some of the instruction that is taught at the regular Appleseed events. I participated as a student, sometimes intentionally messing something up for the IITs to catch, and they all seem to do well. I didn’t get a full count, but it looked like there were about four or five IITs participating.

The afternoon was a time for us to relax and shoot whatever we wanted. I stayed at the 25yd range to try to beat my Rifleman score, but with no success, yet. I’ll get consistent with practice.

This weekend is a regular Appleseed shoot, which RBC attendees can participate in. Most have left, but there are a few of us left. It sounds like this is going to be a rather small Appleseed, so it will be a chance for me to get in more practice.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.