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Something Every Cop Should Watch

I have to wonder if Curtis is still around and reads my posts. If you are, please watch the video below and learn.

It is absolutely not a probable cause to stop anyone legally carrying a firearm for the sole reason of legally carrying a firearm (insofar as the absolute human right to keep and bear arms is respected and not unconstitutionally prohibited in the jurisdiction in question). “Getting calls,” and “concern,” and “public safety,” are irrelevant.

More cops need to be slapped down like this. Though not the purpose of carrying openly, where cops keep doing this they need to be dragged through the court system until they stop. This is the essence of open carry activism.

And Rob Pincus and James “I put cameramen in the firing-zone” Yeager can suck my 1911.

Update: For those using readers that see multiple posts for updated posts, apologies. Stupid embedded Youtube links always seem to end up too big in Blogger. Way to go Google. Also, forgot to give credit. h/t Raeshawn via ENDO-Mike at Everyday No Days Off – Gun Blog

Silver Lining?

Many are noting that there have been two camps developing among those who oppose the health control bill regarding the SCOTUS ruling yesterday. One thinks John Roberts is a genius, others are calling him a traitor.

My take is that we lost SCOTUS long ago as a guardian of the Constitution. So, I’m pretty much in a agreement with Rand Paul that it doesn’t matter what five (or even if it were nine) black-robed tyrants think about the Constitutionality of a law.

This ruling was no exception. An egregious example of how far SCOTUS has veered from the Constitution and from protecting individual liberty.

So, putting aside this poor ruling, admitting it is a loss as a whole, with the tiny victory of the Commerce Clause not being expanded any further, it is possible for Congress to act to put this human rights violation behind us.

It’s a strategy I hadn’t thought of, and will likely require a GOP President. Sadly, the presumptive nominee is such a wobbly-legged, political-wind-checker that it’s still no slam dunk. But since the court has put the lie to statement that this is not a tax, this can now be passed by the Senate with a simple 51-vote majority via the reconciliation process.

Thank you, Jim DeMint for being willing throw this back in the regressives’ faces. And since this is unequivocally a tax, now, the process is legitimate.

Take that, Pelosi. No pole vaulting or parachuting in this time.

It’s Not Your Salesmanship, It’s What Your Selling

To Rangel and company, you’re trying to sell us shit and convince us it’s Shinola.

“It gives us the opportunity to re-sell the bill which we did not do before,” he added. More

You’re dreaming, Mr. Definition-of-Corruptocrat. You tried to sell it. My own former congressman tried to condescendingly tell me why this health control bill was good for everyone in a five paragraph letter — a month after I called to register my opposition to the atrocity — wherein he never once mentioned the Constitution. The last line of my letter to Mr. Etheridge was, “In sum: You’re Fired.” And so he was.

To to the regressives now in control of the Senate and the White House and who hope to regain the House of Representatives: You’re Fired. And that goes for weasels like Dick Lugar, as well.

More Than Two Guys with Typewriters

Woodward and Bernstein would be lost in the masses, today. Thanks to two guys with computers and a vast army of noisemakers, the corrupt, murderous tyrants such as Eric Holder can no longer get away with that murder so easily. This war is long from over. Even if this progresses all the way to Eric Holder in handcuffs, I strongly suspect there will be an unconditional pardon waiting for him.

As far as Obama is concerned, impeachment is too good for him. What would be better is to see someone come out in fear after this Contempt of Congress vote and spill all the beans, naming names. Hey, I can dream, can’t I? As Mike said today, whodathunk we’d get this far.

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Mike.

A Suggestion for a Gunwalker Etymology

Found on Facebook:

Ever since the infamous Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration, it seems every new scandal gets the dishonor of the -gate suffix. Climategate, Filegate, Nipplegate, to name just a few. Find a much longer list here.

The -walker suffix may be appropriate for future murderous scandals. And if Holder and Obama walk out of this unscathed, the prefix maybe even more appropriate, and I’d also expect that wannabe petty tyrants will transform into bolder, truly murderous tyrants.

What say you?


…by this.

I mean, I’m all for removing alcohol commerce from the hands of government altogether.

On the other hand, another idiotic GOP move that gives special consideration to a political event, notwithstanding that it’s a Democrat event.

But then on the third hand…why not keep them sloshed enough to forget what they’re here for.

Hmm, how should I feel about this. Decisions, decisions.

Update: But then again, the slimeballs are claiming they don’t have time for HB111, but they do have time for this?

Hey, You, EPA, Come Visit Me

Yeah, that’s right. I’m daring you. What you did to Larry Keller was right out of the Gestapo handbook (if such a handbook exists). And what Al Armendariz demonstrated is what many of us patriots, constitutionalists, militia-men (here’s to hoping there are enough scare words in that to get flagged by jackbooted thugs in our federal government), already knew, and that is that the despicable excuses for human beings who have been pushing for more and more control over the lives and fortunes of others for over a century are alive and kickin’ in positions of usurped power in our own beleaguered constitutional republic.

But here’s what you will encounter. Anyone who knows me knows that whenever I answer the door when I’m not expecting a visitor, I have a sidearm strapped to my hip out in the open. And guess what, it’s not a “licensed firearm.” As bizarre as NC law can be at times, at least we do not have the “licensed firearm” concept. Nor am I licensed to carry it on my hip. Don’t need permission to do that here. And beside, it’s my own home, so if bugs you, bug off. It is, after all, a human right.

So, EPA, when you send your two armed thugs to my door, accompanied by a deputy from the county sheriff’s office (I live out in the county, so no local police have jurisdiction, here), the first thing you will see is me with my .45 on my hip. I’m warning you ahead of time so know what to expect. No need to draw on me or call in a SWAT team. Though I suspect you’ll wet your pants and do it, anyhow.

Should we get over that hump, then you will hear me explain the conditions of any further conversation. But before I do, I will be starting the video recorder on my phone. First, the deputy leaves my property and the general vicinity. Second, the two of you disarm and leave your firearms locked in your car. Backup pieces, included. What the hell you doing with those things, anyhow? You could hurt yourself. I have to ask, did Eric Holder give them to you? He does have a habit of arming criminals, after all.

Next, I set up video camera on a tripod to record the entire encounter.

The entire conversation will take place with you standing outside my front door, storm door locked, and me standing inside with my firearm in plain view. And don’t expect small talk. Don’t think I don’t know about that tyrannical little law you feds got passed that makes it a felony to lie to a federal officer, even if it the question is “do you pick your nose,” or anything else not germane to the investigation.

Still wanna talk?

Didn’t think so.

See, you caught Larry off guard, from the sound of it. You figured you could get away with it, given most civilized persons’ natural tendency to willingly help official-looking “authorities” in their lives.

You want to talk to me about my opinion that Al Armendariz is a disgusting excuse for a human being who worked for an agency run by like-minded thugs? Get a f***ing subpoena. And even then, you can expect that I would lawyer up before giving you the time of day.

I heard a rumor that there is a sub shop near the RDU International airport where the owner will kick out any TSA agents in uniform who enter, explaining that “we don’t serve your kind here.” Suites me just fine. EPA thugs, if you all wore the same uniform, you would get the same treatment from me if I owned a retail business, as well.

(Note: I will add a better link to the story later. Fox News doesn’t have a lot of interesting details.)

h/t: David

Update: The better link. Don’t forget to click at the end of the article for an audio interview.