Another one down, 313? to go

Another of the Bloomberg Bunch bites the dust. Will it ever end?

It was “a lapse in judgment”

“There is no excuse for it”

“I apologize for putting my family and my city under this situation.”


but said he did not commit a crime. He pledged to remain in office.

And yet we are supposed to believe this tripe:

As mayors, our highest responsibility is to enforce the law and to protect the people we serve.

One thought on “Another one down, 313? to go

  1. Hi, I saw your comment on The War On Guns and intended to email you privately, but failing to find your email address, I’m contacting you here.

    I’ve written a similar idea to your “TFV” party:

    Referring to the “founders” is misleading, as Hamilton, Adams, and eventually Washington became Federalists, advocating a monarchy. The real Founders of American social ideals are Jefferson, Madison, and alike.

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