Headed to D.C.

I’ll be heading to Washington D.C. this weekend for the Tea Party March on Washington on September 12. That’s the generic reason, of course, as there are a number of liberty oriented groups that are congregating there on the 12th. Another notable group is the Oath Keepers which I hope to hook up with and, possibly, take the Oath for the first time, since I’ve never been in a position to take it before.

But my specific reasons are related, of course, to the Three Percenters that will be there. I have no big signs or any real clear plan, but I do hope to at least print out and laminate some makeshift Threeper Patches, so I can at least be recognized by other Threepers.

I do hope to have some good pictures and video of the event, however, so there may, possibly be something interesting to read about here. šŸ™‚

The sad and ironic thing about this event is though we say we will not disarm, we must disarm before entering D.C. or we will likely be arrested, due the unconstitutional edicts that the masters of that domain have instituted.

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