3 thoughts on “QotD 09/15/2011

  1. Thanks MarkofaFreeMan.

    Haven’t you noticed that before in leftists? In the run up to the Gulf War (part 2) there was this absolute bozo screeching that 9-11 was a “Crime Against Humanity,” and so the proper solution was to “indict Osama at the World Court!!!111eleventy!”

    He conveniently ignored the fact that Osama was fairly unlikely to show up and answer the charges without someone going to retrieve him.

    Some people never grow up. They are comfortable believing that there will always be a daddy who will put the bad little boys in time out.

  2. I forgot who that was, but I’m sure he wasn’t the only one.

    I just re-watched the first half of The Path to 9/11″ (including the parts that were censored out to satisfy the Clintonistas), and if it was accurate on this point, we were yards away from taking him into custody. But some pantywaists in the administration pulled the plug.

    No matter, as it would have been a circus of a trial. Better that he was taken out, anyhow (unless, of course, Ann Barnhardt is correct).

    But, yeah, it is amazing that as soon as something bad happens, so many beg for more nanny state policies.

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