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I haven’t even read all of this yet, but given the excerpts at Michelle Malkin’s place, it sounds like a good start. Also be sure to check out the video of Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) being kicked out by Schumer staffers. Such slime in that swamp we call Washington, D.C.

I love that Mike Lee proceeded with the meeting in a location outside of the control of those so corrupt, so evil, that they DO NOT want to hear from constituents.

I’ve heard some fiscal conservatives say that they’d like to see the size of the federal government cut in half. I’d call that building momentum. At about 5% of the current size, I’d say we’re finally winning. And yet, even then I’d say it wasn’t time to quit fighting to reduce it more.

Our baseline budget to start cutting should be ’08.


(That last line shameless stolen from Knitebane.)

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