Some People Are So Insenstive and DANGEROUS!!!111eleventy

So I wandered into Starbucks today to pick up a cup of coffee and a muffin, and I saw the Redneck wannabee below waving a gun around and…



Sorry, there. Had an attack of the Bradys.

Walked into Starbucks. Bought coffee. Had polite conversation with barista. Put half and half and sugar in coffee. Took picture. No one was hurt. No one ran out of the place screaming. Actually, I don’t think anyone even noticed, which is the way it usually is.

And it wasn’t my intent to draw attention to it, either. Not even for the sake of the buycott. This is to participate in offsetting, likely by at least a 10-fold ratio, any potential (unlikely) negative affect the anti-human-rights crowd’s boycott may have.

We outnumber them. By large margins.

A vigil for gun violence victims? We’ll participate, but for ALL victims of violence and encourage the survivors and others to end their victimhood by going armed.

A boycott? We buycott.

Twitter an anti-human-rights rally? We’ll drown you out simply by our sheer numbers. Sure, you have a right to speak, but you are in the infinitesimal minority, and we intend to show you that.

Update: Changed barrister to barista. As Sean says in the comments, small difference. :-/

Update 2: Also, I heard that the Brady Campaign itself is not actually participating in this boycott, though I don’t have a reference. Apparently, they are learning, and methinks there is a little bit of infighting in the anti-human-rights universe.

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