My Conceal Carry Permit

While reading the recent trumped up kerfuffle regarding Ted “The Nuge” Nugent’s comments that have earned him a JBT Secret Service investigation, I remembered an interview or three he’s done where he asserted “The Second Amendment is my conceal carry permit.” While I like listening to The Nuge speak to clueless and aghast lamestream media elitists and other collectivist subhuman monsters, I take issue with this point.

You see, even the black-robed tyrants affirmed that the right to keep and bear arms is not at all dependent on the Second Amendment, but precedes it as an individual, fundamental right. It is a human right.

As such, I am posting a photo of my conceal carry permit. Note that my right to keep and bear arms is not even dependent on this, as that would exclude those who have lost limbs or been born without, so for yourself, choose any part of your body (within limits, of course ;-)). The simple fact of my life is my conceal carry permit.

“The Second Amendment is my conceal carry permit” much like some open carry advocate groups like to say “Open Carry is the right, Conceal Carry is the privilege” may make good copy, but neither is true. The Second Amendment merely codifies and recognizes my right to keep and bear arms. And by what authority do supposed gun rights advocates assert that carrying concealed is not a right?

PS: I may be late, but I will be posting a review of my experience at the Appleseed shoot on March 24-25 with six other bloggers and several other folks. Also, I have a some pictures of a fun time I had with family, teaching a new shooter as well as a few friends of the family. And a rather funny “condition white” story.

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