It’s Not Your Salesmanship, It’s What Your Selling

To Rangel and company, you’re trying to sell us shit and convince us it’s Shinola.

“It gives us the opportunity to re-sell the bill which we did not do before,” he added. More

You’re dreaming, Mr. Definition-of-Corruptocrat. You tried to sell it. My own former congressman tried to condescendingly tell me why this health control bill was good for everyone in a five paragraph letter — a month after I called to register my opposition to the atrocity — wherein he never once mentioned the Constitution. The last line of my letter to Mr. Etheridge was, “In sum: You’re Fired.” And so he was.

To to the regressives now in control of the Senate and the White House and who hope to regain the House of Representatives: You’re Fired. And that goes for weasels like Dick Lugar, as well.

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