Something Every Cop Should Watch

I have to wonder if Curtis is still around and reads my posts. If you are, please watch the video below and learn.

It is absolutely not a probable cause to stop anyone legally carrying a firearm for the sole reason of legally carrying a firearm (insofar as the absolute human right to keep and bear arms is respected and not unconstitutionally prohibited in the jurisdiction in question). “Getting calls,” and “concern,” and “public safety,” are irrelevant.

More cops need to be slapped down like this. Though not the purpose of carrying openly, where cops keep doing this they need to be dragged through the court system until they stop. This is the essence of open carry activism.

And Rob Pincus and James “I put cameramen in the firing-zone” Yeager can suck my 1911.

Update: For those using readers that see multiple posts for updated posts, apologies. Stupid embedded Youtube links always seem to end up too big in Blogger. Way to go Google. Also, forgot to give credit. h/t Raeshawn via ENDO-Mike at Everyday No Days Off – Gun Blog

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