But I Heard that 1911s Suck!

From experts, no less!

That means that this couldn’t ever have happened. It’s a lie.

(Yeah, it’s a 9mm, but given that just about any design, when shrunk down, will run into problems that the original design didn’t, that actually speaks better of the common .45 caliber version of the 1911.)

Next time some Glock fanboy echoes the Glock “Perfection” slogan or some such nonsense, have him do an internet search.

Neither the endurance test nor the Google search above are proof positive of anything. But each are definitely counter-examples of the Religion of Glock(tm).

2 thoughts on “But I Heard that 1911s Suck!

  1. Have the fanbois do their search specifically for the Glock 36. I’ll bet I had more FTF/FTE’s on my G36 at Tigerswan than you had on your 1911.

  2. I think I had it not go completely into battery *once* in over 300 rounds. Just needed a quick tap on the back of the slide. And that was it. Could have been operator error, I don’t know. But if I’m in a gun fight where I’m expending 300+ rounds, I’ve got other problems. Should have started with the M105.

    Also, I keep forgetting to mention, that my first and only experience with a Glock was the rental I picked out for my conceal carry class. Broken trigger return spring.

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