Project “Assaulted” — PLEASE Pick Up the Pace

I just did a little math on the Kickstarter contributions to the Assaulted project mentioned in my previous post and though the trend is headed in the right direction, we need to pick up the pace.

From September 5 – September 15 (yesterday), the total contributions were about $11,600 or about 1,160 per day. Between yesterday and today, the contribution total went from 11,600 to 13,000, or a about a 1,400 jump in one day. Nice to see a jump, however, in order to meet the goal of 65,000, the average daily contribution needs to about double to 2,800 per day.

Please, if you, like me, think this is a worthy project contribute what you can and, more importantly, spread this wide and far.

h/t: David

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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