Battered Utopia

The collectivists of today may not want us to consider that the government of every socialist hellhole in more than the last century has not just seen it necessary to slaughter a goodly portion of the humans inhabiting the land they saw themselves fit to rule over, but actually glorified their obliteration.

Today’s would be rulers want us to think that it’s just a small matter of the wrong people being in charge.

So what happens next time the liberty stealing pigs bump up against those of us who only want to be left alone?

My advice? Don’t try to find out.

Your utopia has been beaten to a bloody pulp and left for dead. And we’ll stand guard over its body while it bleeds out the way the Pima County SWAT team stood over its prey, Jose Guerena after riddling his body with government bullets for no good reason.

May your hopes of a utopian workers’ paradise die a vicious death. It deserves no sentimentalism.

h/t Mike for the Daily Iowan link.

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