Act of Defiance

Via Unc, this is the kind of thing that makes one feel like a fool for putting up with low 120 degrees for hot water heaters, toilets that don’t flush, showers that don’t spray, and detergents that don’t clean. I’ve already started adding TSP to my dish detergent with only marginal improvement. I’ll be following Unc to see what recipes he’s used and how they worked.

But one thing I will definitely be doing as soon as I get the chance is turning up the temperature of my water heater. Heck, I may go to 135 or 140, but I’ll start at 130 to see how that goes.

Sticking my finger in the eye of Leviathan is satisfying. Especially since it annoys the busybodies.

h/t Knitebane for the heads up on Unc’s post.

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