So I’ve Got This Survey

The Republican National Committee has sent me a (second) 2012 Presidental Platform Survey that is so bereft of understanding of the threats that our republic faces that the RNC should give up the “Republican” name for good.

This survey is so important to the RNC, that it is REGISTERED (OMG!) to my name and address. Oh, no, it gets worse! I have been DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE OF VOTERS residing in my district. Lest you think I’m CAPS KEY happy, the CAPS are in the original.

Nearly all of the 34 questions are either the wrong questions to be asking, or they shouldn’t be yes/no questions, which they all are. The nature of this survey makes it abundantly clear that the GOP leadership thinks that wishing away 2010 will actually make it go away. Robert Spencer has said — though I don’t know if it originated with him — that Hamas is the fast jihad and Fatah is the slow jihad. Same end goals, different tactics. I assert that the Ds are fast socialism and the Rs are slow socialism. Same end goals, different tactics.

I’m going to have some fun with this survey. I doubt it will do much good other than some venting for me. But, Michelle Malkin ran a series of RNC rejection of the day articles and I have to wonder how many they got. I do hope that it contributes to scaring the pants off those of the permanent political class regarding their political futures. Or perhaps more.

I’ll post my comments on this survey when I’ve marked it up.

Sarah Palin as the head of the RNC. Now there’s an awesome idea, sure to cause more than a few heart attacks among the CBC.

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