Jericho in Real Life – A Proposed Project

I just finished watching the entire TV series, Jericho, for what was probably the sixth time since the series ended. Now, I haven’t had a television since 1999, so I hadn’t even heard of the show until after the first season ended on a maddening cliff hanger and then the show was canceled. From reading about it on Michelle Malkin’s place, I heard that fans protested by sending literally tons of peanuts to CBS, a reference to a story told in one episode.

I had heard that it was “conservative friendly,” especially considering the liberal, politically correct tripe that usually comes out of Hollywood. So, since CBS was putting all the full episodes up on its site, I began watching it.

I was not disappointed.

Oh, sure, there were some imperfections and few detours down Liberaltopia Lane, but all in all, it was good series.

CBS brought the show back for a final seven episodes that at least wrapped up the cliff hangers that were the most maddening to see unresolved.

After this last viewing of all 29 episodes I came up with the idea of maybe doing a series here on this blog on the show with some applications to a possible, future, real life disaster. My intention is not fandom, per se, but rather lessons learned. It’s fiction, yes, I know, but there were some excellent points made and some things to think about. I may also do a bit of fisking; sort of a “Perfecting Jericho” effort.

I may have some details to work out. I am certain I can do this without violating an copyrights, but given how ridiculously litigious some unnamed entities can be, I’m not so sure that would matter, especially in the current SOPA/PIPA/OPEN environment in DC, today.

Number one warning, though, is that it will, most definitely contain spoilers. The show is about six years old, now, so if you haven’t seen it, do that before reading any of my posts on it.

Feel free to leave any thoughts or advice in the comments.

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