Martha Boggs Has No Regrets

Since there were some in the gun blogging community who were so quick to support hypocrite Martha Boggs for kicking out Tennessee state Senator Stacey Campfield for his views, I figured I’d ask what I didn’t see anyone else ask. Does her establishment ban guns?

Well, my message was summarily ignored, but apparently my email address was not. I got this in my inbox yesterday:

Dear Friends
I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful e-mails sent over the last few days. While I have read each and every one of them, I dearly wish that I had the time to respond to you all personally. The stories and emotions that you shared with me are deeply touching. I truly had no idea that the power of the internet would take this story of a simple act of defiance and take it all the way around the world in a matter of 72 hours and touch so many lives. Despite what may have been mis-reported in local media I do not regret my actions in the least.

Mr. Campfield’s statements are like salt on the wounds of segment of society which has been marginalized far too long. For those of us who watched the government turn a blind eye to the AIDS epedemic because it “only affected homosexuals”, we cannot allow an elected offical make statements which spit on the graves of all our friends and family we lost and continue to lose because of AIDS.

While I truly appreciate the sentiment to come by and patronize my establishment, that was not my intent so if you truly feel compeled to make a contribution against hatred and intolerance, please donate to the local politican of your choice where you money and your vote will do the most good to you personally. If you do have a chance to come to The Bistro, feel free to say Hi. I will be the lady with a pony tail bussing tables. let the healing begin, it will get better.
Martha Boggs

While I don’t deny Boggs her property rights, including the right to kick out anyone she damn pleases for any reason whatsoever, I thought it important given the article that Linoge pointed to that either she lied to the press, or Mary Scott of WBIR misreported it.

But that’s the rub. I don’t deny Boggs her property rights, as much as I think, (from what I can gather), she’s likely a leftwinger. By the same token, as despicable as racists are, I’d rather their freedom of association be preserved than the alternative of “I’m from the Government, and I’m hear to help.”

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