Brett Kimberlin: Full of BS

The left keeps outdoing itself with its support for the most attrocious tactics, and the people who utilize them.

If you think the Occupy Whatever movement was bad, get a load of this.

Brett Kimberlin, who I’m sure many Speedway, Indiana residents will remember, is a domestic terrorist responsible for a string of bombings in that town that maimed two people. One of those two was Carl DeLong who later, distraught over his injuries, committed suicide. The other person injured was his wife, who sued Kimberlin many years later and won a settlement of $1.6 million, that Kimberlin refused to pay.

Kimberlin used a Department of Defense insignia and the Presidential Seal, (which are themselves, crimes), to obtain the explosives used in the bombings.

This convicted bomber, perjurer was sentence to a total of over 50 years in prison for his crimes, but only served seventeen years, finally being released in 2001. But he used his time behind bars to earn a law degree. He has since been using the skills he gained to abuse the legal system in his Lawfare against bloggers like the late Andrew Breitbart, Patterico, Liberty Chick, Aaron Worthing, Stacy McCain and others. In total, he’s filed over 100 frivolous lawsuits against anyone and everyone who dares to tell the truth about him and his past.

There’s more, oh so much more. Michelle Malkin will have her solidarity post up all day with lots of detail. Lots of good information is on The Blaze as well.

The most despicable part of this story is that this drug dealer, this convicted bomber, perjurer, forger, alleged child molester, is now a left wing operative who is being bankrolled by George Soros’ Tides Foundation, Teresa Heinz Kerry (the wife of Senator John Kerry), and yes, BS herself, Barbara Streisand.

So. I guess the old dinosaur media has earned its moniker of Lamestream Media. Tell me, again, why is this not a story?

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