Open Carry Chronicles, Issues #1 and #2

I could probably start with about 20 to prime the pump, but I figure since I carry openly as often as possible, I’m sure I can come with enough in the future to keep the issues coming.

These won’t be just actual encounters and/or comments that people make, but I’m going to be keeping an eye out for things like this as well.

OCC #1:
Walked up to the counter at Bojangles this past Sunday morning and the woman standing next to the guy ringing up my order behind the counter says, “He’s got a gun. His meal is free.” I just smiled and said, “Not necessary.” Dang it! Passed up a free meal.

OCC #2:
Did my usual shopping at Food Lion on Sunday and another customer says, “I like your sidearm. Is that a 1911?” My response was, “it’s all I carry.”

3 thoughts on “Open Carry Chronicles, Issues #1 and #2

  1. I’m afraid I’ve committed even a bigger sin. I don’t carry soley for defensive purposes. I’ve even, *shudder*, responded with “because I can” when someone asked why I carry.

    But, I at least I followed the “Don’t be a Dick” principle.

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