Hey, You, EPA, Come Visit Me

Yeah, that’s right. I’m daring you. What you did to Larry Keller was right out of the Gestapo handbook (if such a handbook exists). And what Al Armendariz demonstrated is what many of us patriots, constitutionalists, militia-men (here’s to hoping there are enough scare words in that to get flagged by jackbooted thugs in our federal government), already knew, and that is that the despicable excuses for human beings who have been pushing for more and more control over the lives and fortunes of others for over a century are alive and kickin’ in positions of usurped power in our own beleaguered constitutional republic.

But here’s what you will encounter. Anyone who knows me knows that whenever I answer the door when I’m not expecting a visitor, I have a sidearm strapped to my hip out in the open. And guess what, it’s not a “licensed firearm.” As bizarre as NC law can be at times, at least we do not have the “licensed firearm” concept. Nor am I licensed to carry it on my hip. Don’t need permission to do that here. And beside, it’s my own home, so if bugs you, bug off. It is, after all, a human right.

So, EPA, when you send your two armed thugs to my door, accompanied by a deputy from the county sheriff’s office (I live out in the county, so no local police have jurisdiction, here), the first thing you will see is me with my .45 on my hip. I’m warning you ahead of time so know what to expect. No need to draw on me or call in a SWAT team. Though I suspect you’ll wet your pants and do it, anyhow.

Should we get over that hump, then you will hear me explain the conditions of any further conversation. But before I do, I will be starting the video recorder on my phone. First, the deputy leaves my property and the general vicinity. Second, the two of you disarm and leave your firearms locked in your car. Backup pieces, included. What the hell you doing with those things, anyhow? You could hurt yourself. I have to ask, did Eric Holder give them to you? He does have a habit of arming criminals, after all.

Next, I set up video camera on a tripod to record the entire encounter.

The entire conversation will take place with you standing outside my front door, storm door locked, and me standing inside with my firearm in plain view. And don’t expect small talk. Don’t think I don’t know about that tyrannical little law you feds got passed that makes it a felony to lie to a federal officer, even if it the question is “do you pick your nose,” or anything else not germane to the investigation.

Still wanna talk?

Didn’t think so.

See, you caught Larry off guard, from the sound of it. You figured you could get away with it, given most civilized persons’ natural tendency to willingly help official-looking “authorities” in their lives.

You want to talk to me about my opinion that Al Armendariz is a disgusting excuse for a human being who worked for an agency run by like-minded thugs? Get a f***ing subpoena. And even then, you can expect that I would lawyer up before giving you the time of day.

I heard a rumor that there is a sub shop near the RDU International airport where the owner will kick out any TSA agents in uniform who enter, explaining that “we don’t serve your kind here.” Suites me just fine. EPA thugs, if you all wore the same uniform, you would get the same treatment from me if I owned a retail business, as well.

(Note: I will add a better link to the story later. Fox News doesn’t have a lot of interesting details.)

h/t: David

Update: The better link. Don’t forget to click at the end of the article for an audio interview.

One thought on “Hey, You, EPA, Come Visit Me

  1. “that tyrannical little law you feds got passed that makes it a felony to lie to a federal officer, even if it the question is “do you pick your nose,” or anything else not germane to the investigation.”
    Interesting, because 1) a Perjury conviction requires that the lie be not only germane but affecting the outcome of the main issue, and 2)Which is it? I can’t lie to Feds or I can lie about miltary honors? Any comment about military honors can be a lie, but that would be not only not germane to the issue, but also as of late, protected speech.
    But Government thugs always want it both ways.

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