Open Carry Chronicles, Issues #3 and #4

OCC #3:
Picked up my takeout dinner order on 2012/06/02 and…nothing happened.

OCC #4:
Went grocery shopping at my usual place on 2012/06/03 and…nothing happened.

I detect the beginning (continuation?) of a trend.

3 thoughts on “Open Carry Chronicles, Issues #3 and #4

  1. I’m in a different spot on that. I frequently have encounters with law enforcement when I OC. For example, when I was shopping for groceries, I had someone from Border Patrol ask me if I was law enforcement. When I informed him that I wasn’t, and that OC was legal in VA (he had just moved from TX), the response was “No shit? That’s awesome!”. More recently, I had an officer strike up a conversation because he saw my H&K P30L, and wanted to know how I liked it because his department was switching to the P30 from the USP.

    Absolutely atrocious the way they hassle me. šŸ˜‰

  2. Dang you are one lucky guy. Her in the ever so gun friendly state of California, OC has been outlawed after the whole Starbucks debacle. I really hope all the liberals reconsider when crime rates and robberies increase.

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