And a Shabbat Shalom to RTSP as Well

With the kerfuffle going on regarding a certain Katy, TX firearms business, I thought it would be good to demonstrate the proper response to totalitarian pressure, albeit the freelance type in this case.

I have been to this indoor range during a visit to family in NJ back in April. What was notable was that it was probably the single cleanest range I have ever been to. And the target carriers actually worked well. I guess being in NJ, they take special care to make sure everything is well taken care of, given the tyranny they live under.

I did not know the faith of the owners and it never really mattered to me. Nor did I ever notice the mezuzahs this cowardly letter references. (I actually have a mezuzah that I picked up on a trip to Israel last year as a memorial token.) This range is the private property of it’s owners. As, presumably, Jews, it is entirely appropriate that they would put mezuzahs on the entrances.

The letter writer has apparently been drinking a little too much of the “You Didn’t Build That” kool-aide that Dear Reader has been serving up. The owners’ public response is basically “GFY” in different words.

The interloper’s letter:

And the response from RTSP:

We have to address something that came in our mail at RTSP today, by someone who has obviously been to the range. So: To Whom It May Concern (nameless person who sent the letter). If you had taken the time to address one of the owners about your concern instead of writing a blind letter to the company, with no name or address, we would have spent a few minutes explaining that we put up the mezuzahs as a form of good luck for our new business. As owners of a private business we have that right. It has no negative connotation and should not offend anyone in any way. And here’s the great part about America…if you have a couple million dollars and a few years to go thru the permitting process, please feel free to open your own range, with your own symbols, or no symbols at all. Until that time, please feel free to come use the range and take advantage of our free good luck charm. It applies to anyone that enters!! Oh, and Shabbat Shalom to all!! 😉

FYI, this letter and its envelope have been handed over to law enforcement…just for safe keeping!

If you happen to be in Randolph, NJ and have the time to do something you thought was highly unlikely in that state, (i.e.: go shooting), stop by RTSP and rent one of their firearms and have a blast. Do it for fun, do it just to say “I shot a gun in NJ,” and do it to support businessmen who built it themselves and poke a stick in the eye of anonymous cowards who presume to tell others what they can and cannot have on their own doorposts. And if you are so inclined, pause for a moment when you see the mezuzah and ponder why the mezuzah is there.

Shabbat Shalom and Mazel Tov.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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