Open Carry Chronicles, Issue #10

For issue #10, I’m doing something different. This is someone else’s open carry experience, and even that was by proxy.

It is a negative one, to be sure, but not one that harms gun owners in any way, in my opinion. Click the link below and read about the experience.

2012/08/05: NCGO poster’s OC experience.

Lemme ‘splain. No. There is too much. Lemme sum up: This likely ‘progressive’ who, as implied by the poster, is an Obama supporter, will not likely ever support gun ownership. If he supports it at all, he’s not likely to support the carrying of them openly, if at all. So why should gun owners try to appease him in any way? This is the type of person who needs it rubbed in his face. The cowering moms shielding their young’ns from the scary sight of a gun simply do not exist in more than negligible numbers. I have yet to even hear a report of one.

Folks, we are not just winning, but as Michael Bane recently wrote (in documenting the slimy behavior of the haters toward Corey Cogdell, as well as Kim Rhode), we have won, pure and simple. Doesn’t mean that we can rest on our laurels, of course, as we are gaining momentum.

In 2027, I hope we can take this tale by Tam and change 1995 to 2011 and change these things:

  • “AWB had sunset”
    to “Interstate purchase requiring FFL had been repealed”
  • “‘Vermont-style’ carry was now ‘Vermont/Alaska/Arizona/Wyoming-style’ and “the House of Representatives had just passed, by a hefty margin, a national CCW reciprocity bill”
    to “Full faith and credit universal reciprocity for CCW, including Illinois is now law. As a result, all states are now shall-issue or constitutional carry. Residents of constitutional carry states need only their valid state ID to carry in other states. No permit is required to carry openly anywhere in the country.”
  • “there was a shooting based games show on prime-time national TV”
    to “having a shooting based game show was like have a salt-and-pepper shaker game show…ugh, well, there is The Iron Chef…whatever”
  • “you could buy a collapsible-stock AR carbine with a bayonet lug in Wal-Mart
    to “The idea of a suppressor/silencer on a gun was moot except for older specimens since all new guns were required by federal law to be designed to be below a certain decibel level or have a $200 transfer tax imposed [Ed.Note: Before I get hate mail, I am not advocating this…just trying to think like a politician. Agh! Need. Mind. Bleech.] Cans are given out for free by local police departments for older firearms — a program that replaced the one where they gave out free gun locks. Gunsmiths get a tax credit for every old gun they retrofit. Vintage firearms whose value would be harmed or any firearm whose function, usability, and/or accuracy would be impaired are exempted.”
  • In addition: George H.W. Bush’s EO was revoked and the licensing process to own a new manufacture, possibly imported full auto firearm now mirrors what most states have for CCW licenses (Oh, and we’re working on getting that repealed so full auto is treated like any other firearm); BATFE is now just the “AT” division of the IRS (again); there are not enough radical “anti-gun” Senators or Congressman left to form a caucus of any kind — it’s now radioactive in almost every jurisdiction.

Far fetched? Sure. But approximately the equivalent has happened since 1995. Let’s aim high.

And don’t b*tch about people carrying openly if you claim to be on our side. It’s a waste of time and energy.

Oh, and I am NOT your ambassador. When I get a big fat check on a regular basis from you, maybe then you can call me an ambassador for gun owners. Until such time, I represent myself. It’s collectivist claptrap to claim otherwise.

One thought on “Open Carry Chronicles, Issue #10

  1. Amen amen amen! I’ve been open carrying here in Indy for a year and a half now and have had no more than one or two funny looks or snide comments. The vast majority want to know if it’s legal and how they can open carry as well.

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