Appleseed RBC, 8/26/2012 – 9/3/2012: Day 4

Today, all shooting was done at the KD range. We shot some sighters at 200yds, and the AQT at actual distances (100yds, 200yds, 300yds, and 400yds).

Things didn’t got so well for me beyond 200yds. No more mag disassemblies, but because I bumped my rear sight back up to 500yds for the 200yd targets (which I did actually shoot very well), I had no room on the sight adjustment to go to 300yds or 400yds. So I was mostly guessing, and not too well.

The bottom line is that I do believe the AQT and Appleseed in general is possible and possible with good scores. The biggest problem I am having right now is lack of familiarity. I’ve had this rifle for a few years, now, but haven’t really had a chance to spend time learning it and getting the tools necessary to do, for example, sight adjustments. One of the instructors who has been trying to help me is clearly not a FAL fan, and puts only above AK-47s and SKS’s, but nothing else. I am not convinced. It’s just not suitable at this time for me to use at an Appleseed.

So, I left just a little bit early today to head home and drop the SA58 off and pick up my M1 Garand. There is one shooter at this RBC who is shooting one. In fact, I was positioned between him and the one shooter we have shooting an M1A. I also picked up my Remington made 1903A3 for good measure.

We are supposed to be shooting another AQT on the KD range tomorrow. Last time I shot the M1 Garand it was sighted in for 200yds, so it should be all set for the AQT on the KD range. I’m looking forward to giving it a try and will work on getting familiar with and getting the proper tools for my SA58 for another time. I also need to have a chat with DS Arms about a possible timing problem with it. It really shouldn’t chew through magazines like that.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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