Appleseed RBC, 8/26/2012 – 9/3/2012: Day 5

Today was a somewhat relaxed day in terms of what was planned for us. We got to try two KD AQTs, which I shot with my M1 Garand. I also had a chance to sight in my Remington 03A3 and my Ishaphore Enfield in .308, both at 25yds. Groups for both, if I remember correctly (I have the targets, but not within reach at the moment), were 1 or 1.5 inches. I’m sure I can shoot both better with a little practice. Completing the KD AQT with a Rifleman score with either of them would be a challenge, but possibly doable.

The M1 Garand is always a pleasure to shoot. I didn’t score good enough, yet, to get Rifleman, but I fell right into shooting it naturally. For some reason, it just feels right. Only 200 is required for Rifleman on the KD range due to additional factors you won’t face at short ranges like 25yds such as wind and heat. But getting knocked off NPOA (Natural Point Of Aim) due to the recoil of every shot makes it more of a challenge than the .22LR AQTs. Natural Point of Aim is one of the principles taught at Appleseed. It is simply where the rifle is pointing when you are at rest, not trying to muscle the rifle into position. You position your body, your strap, and the rifle all so when you close your eyes, take a complete breath in and out, and open your eyes, and the aim point where your sights are is your NPOA. If you are not on target, you reposition your body so the rifle naturally points where you want it to.

There were at least a couple of KD AQT Rifleman scores out of all the shooters, and I think all but one shooter, who had to leave early, scored Rifleman on the 25yd range with .22LR rifles. Even the shooter from Wisconsin who had never in his life fired a firearm, did finally get Rifleman.

Tomorrow we will be participating in a mock Appleseed, mostly for those who are interested in becoming instructors, so I think that means we will get to shoot as mock Appleseed participants, probably starting with the 25yd range again. This weekend is an actual Appleseed that we will get to actually work if we are instructors in training (IITs) or actually shoot it if we want.

I’m not sure if we will get a chance to shoot another KD AQT, so I may not get KD Rifleman, but I might plan on coming to the October Appleseed shoot to attempt that, if they have time. I think someone said that they don’t really have time to do a full KD AQT during the regular Appleseed shoots at Ramseur, due to the Sunday shooting restrictions. But it can’t hurt to come to improve on my scores, anyhow. It’s just an all around good time and hope to return and maybe consider becoming an IIT, if they’ll have me.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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