Congratulations to Rep. Allen West; Liberty’s Not Dead, But We Have A Long Way To Go

Because I don’t live in Florida, I wasn’t following the primary today that closely, but I was aware that Allen West was being challenged, probably partly due to redistricting. I didn’t know who, but now I do. And he sounds like a certifiable DIABLO, a term I believe was coined by Mark Steyn during the 2009 fiasco where the Stupid Party, including the RNC and Newt Gingrinch and a few other traitors, backed Dede Scozzafava, who, on the last day before the election when it was clear she wasn’t going to win, withdrew from the race and backed…Bob Owens, the Demonrat. (No, not that Bob Owens!)

So I dug around a little and found this article from back in February where you can see this gem of a caption underneath the photo with West’s challenger Sheriff Robert Crowder and his wife:

Longtime Martin sheriff: Robert Crowder celebrates with his wife, Debbie, on election night in August 2008. Crowder, elected five times, says Allen West ‘caters’ to people ‘ruining our party.’

Mr. Scozzafava uh, Crowder, IT’S NOT YOUR PARTY. From the sounds of things, it never was. You, and several generations of petrified octogenarians infiltrated my party and rotted it from within with your personified putrefaction. GET OUT. Stop your crossdressing, go sulk in your closet and come out with your Democratic Socialist clothing that you seem so comfortable in. It is our party, the tea party leaning fiscal conservatives who believe in the smallest government possible without leaving a vacuum for tyrants to try to fill, and we are taking the party back that you stole from us.

Traitor Crowder also pulled a Scozzafava by backing Alex Sink for governor of Florida in 2010 against Rick Scott, who was the tea party favorite.
Here’s what he thinks of liberty minded folks:

Crowder added: “There’s a certain element in our party that’s ruining our party. Look at our presidential primaries. This real hard, scorched-earth type political activists, the ultra-right political element of the party. There comes a time when you have to try to work together, and we’ve gotten things so polarized now because of partisan politics that it’s just hurting the people.”

Working together, with the Marxists across the aisle, likely for at least the past 100 years, since at least Woodrow Wilson *spit*, is what got us in this mess in the first place. There was a time, possibly, when too many liberty minded folks ceded far too much control over their own lives to politicians like you, and we weren’t properly represented in Washington. That time — to work together — is past. A sleeping giant has awoken. It’s time to crush our opponents, politically. And you are clearly not the man for the job. Thank God Mr. West gave you the Southern Fried Wuppin’ you deserved.

According to this more recent article from June, the Sheriff even pulled a Dick Lugar, DIABLO writ large by asking Democrats to vote in the Republican primaries:

At the NAACP forum, Crowder said, “Although I love my Republicans, the ones who are going to make the difference this election are the Democrats. Because you could be a Democrat, and become a Republican in the primary, and still vote for your Democrats in the general election.”

You sleazy … [well, the word I wanted to put here isn’t suitable for my small, but mixed readership]. There was a lot of he said / she said in the article about what went on in the St. Lucie County Republican Executive Committee meeting to decide who to endorse in the primary, but in the end, Crowder said this:

“That’s not true, and (Edson) knows that,” Crowder said. “I took responsibility for that, and I certainly would appreciate those (Democratic) votes.”

There are complaints about West’s treatment of Crowder and his unwillingness to shake Crowder’s hand and that “…that Sheriff Crowder deserves a lot more respect than Allen West is giving him”.

Uh, no, respect is something you need to work to earn and I applaud Congressman West for refusing to give on a show of faux respect for someone who deserves no such respect. You do not deserve respect just due to your position or prior service to the citizens of your county.

The best quote between the two articles is this:

“There will be plenty of time to debate Democrats after the primary,” said Edson, who attended the meeting.

Zing! Well deserved.

Thank you for staying in the fight, Congressman West. We’ve got your six.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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