Taking Back What Was Stolen

Like I said, we, those in the fight of our lives for liberty, are taking back what was taken from us.

After this election, these will not be considered “Paul” delegates. And they, coupled even with the tea party leaning newly elected local committee members who were not Paul supporters, will be a force to be reckoned with. The GOP of today, is not what it was in Reagan’s time. And even that version of the party did not go far enough. A few more election cycles and we may just be closer to taking one party back from the personified putrefaction that has controlled it for so long.

We don’t care so much about any particular party in name. It’s just that the power structure in place makes it nearly impossible to have anything more than a two party system in this country. I hate it, and it’s not how it should be, but there it is. The biggest concern is that that power structure is, in fact, there, and can be a tempting draw for anyone who kicks the current scumbags out to take over themselves and forget that the point is to break that power structure down and return the power back to its proper place, into the hands of individuals and of the states.

The Romneybots should give it up. It’s over. You may take the White House. This time. But though I could argue with some of the conclusions, someone said in January that it could be the last time. And we, the anti progressive coalition, are taking the party back, with a view toward turning our country back to its founding principles.

If only it can be done before it careens off the financial cliff.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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