QotD: Joe Huffman

In line with my answer of No, Joe, in quoting someone else adds this:

They view the private possession of guns as evil. There is no negotiating with people that “think” like that. If they cannot even discuss the costs of gun control there is no point in even talking with them. They must be politically destroyed.

Several weeks ago I had a private message exchange on fakebook with a relative who is decidedly on the left. The specific discussion was about Monsanto, but that’s not really relevant. This person was lamenting that the two of us used to have lively, friendly discussions about all kinds of topics.

Oh, and before I forget, a little background on what happened. This person had sent a friend request to me some time last year. I knew her position on many things and that she was firmly on the “other” side of probably every issue you could think of. But I reluctantly accepted. After finally getting fed up with her ignoring every single one of my responses to her posts, I “unfriended” her with a note that I didn’t see much point in just letting her broadcast to me, but not being willing to engage in an actual debate. So then, months later, the private discussion started, triggered by a Monsanto post.

One comment she made was to the effect of “why not meet on where we agree and worked together from there?” I told her, much like Billy Beck said, that I will meet her at her premises. And I added this: “You are not going to create Heaven on Earth. And as long as people attempt that, I, believing that they will create Hell on Earth in the process, will be part of the roadblock to those attempts.” And, “You want to support, enhance, and encourage people in the areas you believe they agree on? More power to you. But I will fight you at every turn should you wish to use the power of a government gun in my face to do so.”

I haven’t heard from her since.

My message to the antis, the progressives regressives is this: we will not work with you. We will not compromise. Mass slaughter by government is not an aberration of progressivism, — which is just another name for collectivism, totalitarianism, socialism, communism, fascism, all of them being just slightly different flavors of each other — it is a feature. You have Sowell’s unconstrained view, which we do not hold. There will be no perfecting of mankind on this Earth, no new soviet man, no matter how many of your false messiahs you throw at it. There are surely true believers among you who do not believe they will be here to live in the perfect world they trying to create. And those are the ones we consider the most dangerous, but we consider all of you a mortal threat to human liberty. This is the message of an anti-progressive coalition:

We are not interested in dialogue with you. We are only interested in defeating you, crushing you, politically. We are Americans. As the founding generation envisioned. We don’t know what you are.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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