Appleseed RBC, 8/26/2012 – 9/3/2012: Day 6

We spent the morning having the IITs do some of the instruction that is taught at the regular Appleseed events. I participated as a student, sometimes intentionally messing something up for the IITs to catch, and they all seem to do well. I didn’t get a full count, but it looked like there were about four or five IITs participating.

The afternoon was a time for us to relax and shoot whatever we wanted. I stayed at the 25yd range to try to beat my Rifleman score, but with no success, yet. I’ll get consistent with practice.

This weekend is a regular Appleseed shoot, which RBC attendees can participate in. Most have left, but there are a few of us left. It sounds like this is going to be a rather small Appleseed, so it will be a chance for me to get in more practice.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

One thought on “Appleseed RBC, 8/26/2012 – 9/3/2012: Day 6

  1. Congratulations Rifleman! I just got back home to Texas and took a friend (non-rifleman) out to our local 500yrd range. We zeroed his M4 with Acog scope at 25yards using the Appleseed 25M Drill Target (1″ 4MOA squares).

    Using what I learned at the RBC his 25yrd zeroe was right on at 300yrds. Using the lines (come ups) on the Acog he was getting hits on a 20″ target from 100 to 500. Just goes to show what Appleseed teaches at 25yrds (4MOA=1″) does equal hits out to 500yrds (4MOA=20″).

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