Open Carry Chronicles, Issue #13

2012/11/28: Stopped by Lowe’s Food just to pick up few items.  As I’m deciding between a couple of things, another customer comes around from my left behind me to my right and says, “Excuse me, sir, can I ask you a question.”  I should have said, “Um, you just did.”  Heh.

Well, until the question came out I will admit to securing my arm against my sidearm firmly, just as a precaution.  Anyhow, he asked if I ever get harassed about carrying.  I explained pretty much what I’m trying to show here with Open Carry Chronicles, and that is that, no, it’s a non-problem made up by supposed 2nd Amendment supporters who have been duped by the CSGV narrative.  (Oh, alright, there are some truly arrogant a$$h0l3s out there as well.)

Okay, I didn’t really get on that podium with him, but I did explain that it hasn’t been a problem in the 2+ years I’ve been doing it and suggested that he join up on with Triangle Open Carry.  What he told me is that he’s been waiting for his CHL, but it’s taking forever due to some stupid things he did as a kid.  He was looking for an alternative both in the meantime and in the event that he can’t get his CHL.  Whatever is on his record, it apparently doesn’t affect his ownership rights.  So since NC is a no-permit necessary for carrying openly state, this is something he’s considering.

Overall, a beneficial conversation for him that, had I not been carrying openly, would not have happened.  So I just did someone a favor, completely separate from self defense or defense of others.  It served a perfectly legitimate political purpose.  Due to some stupid law, or pain in the butt Sheriff, he may not be able to carry his insurance concealed.  So he  now has input from someone who does it on a regular basis to make a better informed decision on how he can get around petty politicians.  He can be a free man, regardless of what some pencil pusher says.

So put that in a pipe and smoke it, Pincus, Yeager, and other malcontents who, along with the CSGV, et al, keep trying to convince us to not exercise our rights.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends

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