Will I Soon Be Able to Wear A Badge of Honor: Being Banned From Facebook?

I just may get myself banned from Fakebook, yet.  In response to this by Alan Korwin, and to a commenter who said this:

I’ve learned to view with great suspicion anything that addresses “folks” in the opening line. That said, I did as the author directed and counted… zero guns from the list that I own. So, real or not, I am largely unmoved by the outrage expressed.

I posted this:

The author, Alan Korwin, is no slouch. Search for “The Noble Use of Firearms” for one of his best. And if anyone thinks that because nothing you own [is] on that (preliminary) list that it won’t be, then he hasn’t been following the gun-grabbers for long. (I have at least one on that list.) They want it all. And they will never stop. And I expect that any new attempt at a ban will NOT have a grandfather clause. In other words, confiscation. One nit I have to pick with the article is the claim that they have the votes. The GOP still has a majority in the House and there are many nominally pro-gun Democrats in the House. Legislation is not what we have to worry about. Executive Orders and ATF rulemaking are. The only question I have for anyone pushing this is, are you really that stupid? You want a good description of how a large number of people (more than there are federal, state, and local agents who would carry out a confiscation) understand the right to keep and bear arms? It’s this: “If you try to take our guns, we will kill you.”


Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

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