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About That Ammo Purchase

In addition to a few other places, we have this alert at Watts Up With That?. In the comments section, someone going by exfedagent at August 14, 2012, 9:04 am has this to say:

GUYS! THIS IS A NON-STORY! I am a former federal agent. NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration has a SMALL (about 100) group of federal agents and officers who are GS-1811′s and GS-1801′s who enforce federal game laws on the high seas. They are ocean going federal game wardens enforcing the Lacy Act and the Magnison Conservation Act. It’s a great job. I personally know some of them and went to FLETC with one of them. They have been around since at least the mid-1980′s. Almost no one in the public domain and most of the people in federal law enforcement don’t know they exist BECAUSE THEY ARE SO SMALL. They carry .40 caliber handguns and have for many years. This is a routine ammo purchase. They are spending money they have left in their annual budget before the budget closes out at the end of September. Your reactions in your posts are understandable given that you didn’t have the facts!

Here is my response, awaiting moderation last I checked:

True, when I first heard this story, the numbers did not seem that great. Heck the number of rounds in one purchase looked like my monthly ammo usage. But perhaps you ought to rethink this is a bit. “It’s a great job.” does not give any of us plebes the warm fuzzies about this purchase. You know, this cop loved his job, too. There was a time when even FBI agents were not armed in the execution of their duties and had to ask a local officer to arrest someone when it needed to be done.

I suggest that we return to that model. There are at least 90 federal agencies that are armed. Including the Department of Education. And people wonder why they hear complaints about the US becoming a police state.

There is far too much power in our federal government that was never intended by the founding generation. Return the power to the states, and we won’t have a problem. This may be routine for you, but NWS apparently has gotten away with it in the past without the public noticing. The internet has changed that. Public officials haven’t gotten used to the attention and constantly cry “this is routine!” Well, the gig’s up. We’re onto you, now, and after a few more election cycles, expect to see the dismantling of the federal government institutions you hold so dear, institutions the founding generation would not countenance.

Vince Cefalu comes to mind. He’s brave in the sense that he has exposed corruption in the ATF and has been an outspoken critic of Operation Fast and Furious. But in one interview he call the ATF “the Agency I love” that performs an “important and necessary function.” Made me wanna puke. Similar to this. The Lacey act needs to go and the NWS should not be armed on the job. Ever.

Update: For the record, there was apparently a clerical error in which NOAA’s National Weather Service was listed as the purchaser instead of the Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. Everything above still applies, 100%.

See? The Mask Isn’t Even Slipping; It’s Gone

As an update to my previous post, from Joe again, quoting “Kiki”:

Just shoot yourself. The modern man doesn’t need to hunt, he has all he wants and can obtain anything without hunting or any other stupid sick barbaric medieval method. What the fuck do you know about nature? You’re just talking shit to give a “logical” explanation why you hunt, it’s all bullshit ! Cut the crap with the nice, civilized outspoken person, ’cause you’re not ! You deserve to be considered trash, you an hypocrite, people like you don’t need respect, you deserve all the swears in the world because you understand just one law, the fist in the jaw law ! Any anti-hunting or animal right argument isn’t ever good for you, you just know that one thing, that you’re the center of the world and for that you’re nothing,you’re just a waste of oxygen !

The blog post that Joe points to indicates that some of the commenters on this Facebook group are Americans. I beg to differ. They may reside within the same borders, speak the same language, and be allowed to vote in elections (well, yeah, I know that’s not saying much even regarding whether or not someone is living, but I digress), but being American implies adopting certain principles. Principles of the same cloth of our founding generation. These are occupiers within our borders who wish to fundamentally transform us into another socialist hell-hole.

Regarding “Kiki,” above, I don’t know if she is a vegan, but I believe vegans are wrong on principle (and as a side note, they are going to have a much harder time surviving The Big Die Off than meat eaters), but they are the only ones who even come close to having a coherent argument against hunting. They are still wrong, on many levels that I won’t go into at this time, but they are at least consistent. Any non-vegan who complains about hunting, but will eat grocery store bought meat has got to be mentally ill. As Joe points out, it’s as if they think slaughtering practices are somehow more humane than hunting.

And for anyone trying to be civil and actually have an intelligent conversation with them, can you see how pointless it is? Even when we try to engage in civil discourse it’s not taken as such, so why bother? In the end, their aim is still to see us dead. You don’t negotiate with the tyrant. Their arguments deserve only to be mocked.

But all of them, vegans and non-vegans alike, these anti-hunters seem to have a habit these days of revealing their murderous fantasies against humans. No compunction about committing genocidal acts. They need to be defeated, absolutely crushed politically. If they want their collectivist utopias, they can take one way flights to Cuba. I guess the best thing we have going for us is that they, almost to a person, hate guns. So when we win, with the exception of the true believers we can at least be sure that the noise we hear in the background will only be gilded threats. But sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again, so we will be on guard. This is WAR. We will treat it as such.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

QotD: Joe Huffman

In line with my answer of No, Joe, in quoting someone else adds this:

They view the private possession of guns as evil. There is no negotiating with people that “think” like that. If they cannot even discuss the costs of gun control there is no point in even talking with them. They must be politically destroyed.

Several weeks ago I had a private message exchange on fakebook with a relative who is decidedly on the left. The specific discussion was about Monsanto, but that’s not really relevant. This person was lamenting that the two of us used to have lively, friendly discussions about all kinds of topics.

Oh, and before I forget, a little background on what happened. This person had sent a friend request to me some time last year. I knew her position on many things and that she was firmly on the “other” side of probably every issue you could think of. But I reluctantly accepted. After finally getting fed up with her ignoring every single one of my responses to her posts, I “unfriended” her with a note that I didn’t see much point in just letting her broadcast to me, but not being willing to engage in an actual debate. So then, months later, the private discussion started, triggered by a Monsanto post.

One comment she made was to the effect of “why not meet on where we agree and worked together from there?” I told her, much like Billy Beck said, that I will meet her at her premises. And I added this: “You are not going to create Heaven on Earth. And as long as people attempt that, I, believing that they will create Hell on Earth in the process, will be part of the roadblock to those attempts.” And, “You want to support, enhance, and encourage people in the areas you believe they agree on? More power to you. But I will fight you at every turn should you wish to use the power of a government gun in my face to do so.”

I haven’t heard from her since.

My message to the antis, the progressives regressives is this: we will not work with you. We will not compromise. Mass slaughter by government is not an aberration of progressivism, — which is just another name for collectivism, totalitarianism, socialism, communism, fascism, all of them being just slightly different flavors of each other — it is a feature. You have Sowell’s unconstrained view, which we do not hold. There will be no perfecting of mankind on this Earth, no new soviet man, no matter how many of your false messiahs you throw at it. There are surely true believers among you who do not believe they will be here to live in the perfect world they trying to create. And those are the ones we consider the most dangerous, but we consider all of you a mortal threat to human liberty. This is the message of an anti-progressive coalition:

We are not interested in dialogue with you. We are only interested in defeating you, crushing you, politically. We are Americans. As the founding generation envisioned. We don’t know what you are.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

Open Carry Chronicles, Issue #10

For issue #10, I’m doing something different. This is someone else’s open carry experience, and even that was by proxy.

It is a negative one, to be sure, but not one that harms gun owners in any way, in my opinion. Click the link below and read about the experience.

2012/08/05: NCGO poster’s OC experience.

Lemme ‘splain. No. There is too much. Lemme sum up: This likely ‘progressive’ who, as implied by the poster, is an Obama supporter, will not likely ever support gun ownership. If he supports it at all, he’s not likely to support the carrying of them openly, if at all. So why should gun owners try to appease him in any way? This is the type of person who needs it rubbed in his face. The cowering moms shielding their young’ns from the scary sight of a gun simply do not exist in more than negligible numbers. I have yet to even hear a report of one.

Folks, we are not just winning, but as Michael Bane recently wrote (in documenting the slimy behavior of the haters toward Corey Cogdell, as well as Kim Rhode), we have won, pure and simple. Doesn’t mean that we can rest on our laurels, of course, as we are gaining momentum.

In 2027, I hope we can take this tale by Tam and change 1995 to 2011 and change these things:

  • “AWB had sunset”
    to “Interstate purchase requiring FFL had been repealed”
  • “‘Vermont-style’ carry was now ‘Vermont/Alaska/Arizona/Wyoming-style’ and “the House of Representatives had just passed, by a hefty margin, a national CCW reciprocity bill”
    to “Full faith and credit universal reciprocity for CCW, including Illinois is now law. As a result, all states are now shall-issue or constitutional carry. Residents of constitutional carry states need only their valid state ID to carry in other states. No permit is required to carry openly anywhere in the country.”
  • “there was a shooting based games show on prime-time national TV”
    to “having a shooting based game show was like have a salt-and-pepper shaker game show…ugh, well, there is The Iron Chef…whatever”
  • “you could buy a collapsible-stock AR carbine with a bayonet lug in Wal-Mart
    to “The idea of a suppressor/silencer on a gun was moot except for older specimens since all new guns were required by federal law to be designed to be below a certain decibel level or have a $200 transfer tax imposed [Ed.Note: Before I get hate mail, I am not advocating this…just trying to think like a politician. Agh! Need. Mind. Bleech.] Cans are given out for free by local police departments for older firearms — a program that replaced the one where they gave out free gun locks. Gunsmiths get a tax credit for every old gun they retrofit. Vintage firearms whose value would be harmed or any firearm whose function, usability, and/or accuracy would be impaired are exempted.”
  • In addition: George H.W. Bush’s EO was revoked and the licensing process to own a new manufacture, possibly imported full auto firearm now mirrors what most states have for CCW licenses (Oh, and we’re working on getting that repealed so full auto is treated like any other firearm); BATFE is now just the “AT” division of the IRS (again); there are not enough radical “anti-gun” Senators or Congressman left to form a caucus of any kind — it’s now radioactive in almost every jurisdiction.

Far fetched? Sure. But approximately the equivalent has happened since 1995. Let’s aim high.

And don’t b*tch about people carrying openly if you claim to be on our side. It’s a waste of time and energy.

Oh, and I am NOT your ambassador. When I get a big fat check on a regular basis from you, maybe then you can call me an ambassador for gun owners. Until such time, I represent myself. It’s collectivist claptrap to claim otherwise.

And a Shabbat Shalom to RTSP as Well

With the kerfuffle going on regarding a certain Katy, TX firearms business, I thought it would be good to demonstrate the proper response to totalitarian pressure, albeit the freelance type in this case.

I have been to this indoor range during a visit to family in NJ back in April. What was notable was that it was probably the single cleanest range I have ever been to. And the target carriers actually worked well. I guess being in NJ, they take special care to make sure everything is well taken care of, given the tyranny they live under.

I did not know the faith of the owners and it never really mattered to me. Nor did I ever notice the mezuzahs this cowardly letter references. (I actually have a mezuzah that I picked up on a trip to Israel last year as a memorial token.) This range is the private property of it’s owners. As, presumably, Jews, it is entirely appropriate that they would put mezuzahs on the entrances.

The letter writer has apparently been drinking a little too much of the “You Didn’t Build That” kool-aide that Dear Reader has been serving up. The owners’ public response is basically “GFY” in different words.

The interloper’s letter:

And the response from RTSP:

We have to address something that came in our mail at RTSP today, by someone who has obviously been to the range. So: To Whom It May Concern (nameless person who sent the letter). If you had taken the time to address one of the owners about your concern instead of writing a blind letter to the company, with no name or address, we would have spent a few minutes explaining that we put up the mezuzahs as a form of good luck for our new business. As owners of a private business we have that right. It has no negative connotation and should not offend anyone in any way. And here’s the great part about America…if you have a couple million dollars and a few years to go thru the permitting process, please feel free to open your own range, with your own symbols, or no symbols at all. Until that time, please feel free to come use the range and take advantage of our free good luck charm. It applies to anyone that enters!! Oh, and Shabbat Shalom to all!! 😉

FYI, this letter and its envelope have been handed over to law enforcement…just for safe keeping!

If you happen to be in Randolph, NJ and have the time to do something you thought was highly unlikely in that state, (i.e.: go shooting), stop by RTSP and rent one of their firearms and have a blast. Do it for fun, do it just to say “I shot a gun in NJ,” and do it to support businessmen who built it themselves and poke a stick in the eye of anonymous cowards who presume to tell others what they can and cannot have on their own doorposts. And if you are so inclined, pause for a moment when you see the mezuzah and ponder why the mezuzah is there.

Shabbat Shalom and Mazel Tov.

Stay Dangerous, My Friends.

Open Carry Chronicles, Issue #9

In reference to a recent comment by someone who is pro- gun control people control next-Holocaust, who shall remain nameless, discussed at Sean’s place, I present to you…

2012/07/31: While chatting outside IHOP after it closed, the last customer mosey’s on out to her car with her companion and upon seeing what’s on my hip says, “I feel safe,” and, actually doesn’t run away screaming seeking cover. Go figure.

Yet, you-know-who-who-shall-remain-nameless says, “People don’t like seeing openly carried guns in public places.”

So piss off. I carry a gun. Usually openly. Get over it. You are a liar.

Update: Forgot to add: BFY.

Update 2: Stay Dangerous, My Friends